Your Next Adventure

Recently, I was searching for a certain photo in a folder on my external hard drive titled, "Personal 2017".  It holds hundreds of raw photos from random moments of my family.  Photos that, at the time, I didn't think much about.  Yet here we are in 2018 and my kid's cheeks are a little less full and the house where we found out we would finally become parents is only a memory.  Suddenly, these photos mean everything.  

My heart had an awakening at that moment.  It was the same feeling I had when I knew I had to take a risk and drop my successful hair business for photography.  Right there in my own kid's photos was my purpose as a photographer and the reason why I jumped.  To document not only my story, but to capture YOUR story too.  Your messy, gritty, and joyful story.  The story of where you stand at thE moment.  

And guys, I think that's what you want too.  

That's why I'm offering what I call my ADVENTURE session.  

Let's go for a hike, let's play at the lake, or let's explore your own backyard.  

Let's take a guided tour into a new kind of photoshoot.  One where your kids actually have fun, and your husband doesn't want to run away.  And most importantly one where you get back photos that remind you why you took on the role of parenthood in the first place.  

Click here to see what the package includes.  

Questions?  click on the contact me link and send me an email!

Below are some of the photos that made my heart pitter patter from the last year.  And because music makes everything better...