Jessica and Josh || Formals

I'm still amazed that these pictures were taken in the middle of December.  We lucked out with some pretty incredible weather, which is great, because later that week at their wedding we were slammed with rain, hail, wind, name it!  I like to think it's an omen that their love with endure any storm come sunshine or hurricane.  

I've been really fortunate to be a part of Adore Me Photos as her second shooter for the last year.  I've never wanted to be a "fake it till you make it" person in photography.  I want learn all I can and then learn some more.  In fact I never want to stop learning.  I want to know my stuff for real and only offer the best.  Thanks to Heidi at Adore Me Photos I am well on my way to a bright future in photography.  

Second Shooter for :: Adore Me Photos